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About us

Alphabet translation center, founded in 2000 in St. Petersburg, is one of the largest Russian translation agencies.

We offer professional translation services and interpretation solutions worldwide. Our activities are mainly focused on Russian translations.

We handle most European and Oriental languages, both as source and target.

We carry out text translations and interpretations on any business-related subject, be it engineering, medicine, laws, economy, marketing, etc.

Just a few reasons to choose us


To Russian from €/word
French € 0.04
Italian € 0.04
Spanish € 0.04
Portugese € 0.06
Polish € 0.04
German € 0.03
Dutch € 0.06
English € 0.03
Arabic € 0.06
Turkish € 0.06
From Russian into €/word
French € 0.05
Italian € 0.05
Spanish € 0.05
Portugese € 0.07
Polish € 0.05
German € 0.05
Dutch € 0.07
English € 0.04
Arabic € 0.07
Turkish € 0.07

Above are the rates for the most popular language pairs. If you are interested in languages that are not specified in the table, please contact us at perevod@lca.ru, and we will send you a calculation. The cost of interpreting services is also available upon request.


Saint Petersburg

Telephone: +7 (812) 386-99-80
E-mail: perevod@lca.ru
Address: 80, Nevsky avenue, office 4-8, St Petersburg, RU

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Olga Popova
Olga Popova
Director General
Irina Palmova
Irina Palmova
Client Service Manager
Svetlana Marenkova
Svetlana Marenkova
Anastasia Soldatikhina
Anastasia Soldatikhina
Head of Productions Department
Anna Maleeva
Anna Maleeva
Productions Department Manager
Natalia Huppenen
Natalia Huppenen
Document Layout Specialist
Galina Soboleva
Galina Soboleva
Translation Editor/Translator